Baking and Bread Recipes

Our section on baking has a collection of recipes on a range of cakes, biscuits and breads. Eggless (without eggs) recipes are available for vegetarians and those abstaining from meat products and byproducts.  Read more on Baking Cakes, Biscuits and Breads.

Biryani and Rice Dish Recipes

This section is dedicated to the various dishes using rice as its main ingredient. From savoury rice to a spicy biryani, our biryani and rice dish recipes has a wide range of choices for every palate. Read more on Biryani and Rice Dishes.

Curries and Chutney Recipes

Indian food is best known for its curries and South African variations have become a popular dish across the country. We have a collection recipes on traditional home made curries and spicy chutneys . Read more on Curry and Chutney.

Pickles and Salad Recipes

Pickles and salads are the ideal accompaniment for every meal. As with most variations on traditional Indian recipes, South African pickles and salads cater for the local palate as well as fruit and vegetable preferences. Read more on Pickles and Salads.

Soups and Snacks Recipes

From crunchy samoosas to simple pea dhall, these popular starters and side dishes have become a firm favourite among South Africans. Our recipes allows you to make these traditional foods from scratch within just a few minutes. Read more on Soups and Snacks.

Sweetmeat Recipes

Sweetmeats are a favourite Indian treat whether it is a special occasion or not. Our recipes on many of the popular sweetmeats among the South African Indian community allows even a novice to make one of these treats with minimal effort. Read more on Sweetmeats.

Vegetarian Recipes

Whether you are a vegetarian or abstaining from meat to observe a religious festival, our comprehensive list of vegetarian recipes will ensure that you are getting the best of Indian cooking. From snacks to dishes and full vegetarian meals. Read more on Vegetarian Foods.